The Story

Be inspired and renewed through experiencing a connection to the land and Italian lifestyle.

A word from Susan, the owner of Podere Vigliano

In the summer of 2000 I traveled solo to Italy, a single woman, and fell in love with Umbria and specifically this estate, Podere Vigliano. Without knowing a word of Italian I made this my home and embarked on an amazing adventure – restoring a 275 year old farmhouse in the traditional way.
Everything about Umbria has been transformative. The landscape is magnificent, but most of all the Italian people exude the beauty, warmth, and easy pace of the land.

I came here after the end of my long marriage where nobody knew “my story”. I felt renewed and my spirit free and realized I could do and be anything in this new home. Soon after, my former husband passed away, and responsibilities to my children came first.

I believe a house needs to be lived in. So I began sharing my home with guests, like you, so that they could experience the beauty and renewal that I have enjoyed. In this way, I am continually connected to my home in Italy.

While I used to put my bountiful energy into Ironman triathlons (3rd place in the Hawaiian Ironman being my biggest physical accomplishment), now my energy goes into cultivating my land, beautifying the farmhouse and naturally learning this passionate language.

I have gained tremendous insight from my Italian neighbors who work the land. Working side by side while cultivating the vegetable garden, tending the vineyard and olive orchard, and collecting the harvest; I find, curiously, that my newfound connection to the land expands along with my heart.

Italy brings out the romance in everyone and I was fairly sure I would fall for and marry an Italian. Sitting on the terrace, drinking local Sangiovese wine, gazing up at the warm lights of Monteleone, I  yearned for love.

After 12 years passed I met and fell for Greg near my home in Northern California. On one of my several trips to the farmhouse he flew across the continents to get down on one knee and propose marriage. I accepted! It was perfect that his declaration of love was on that very terrace where my dreams soared and my heart opened.

Now I have a partner to share in this beautiful life here and in California. Between the two of us we have four lovely young adult children, my two, Steve and Katie; and Greg’s two, Kendall and Courtney.

I steal away to Italy as often and long as possible. I lead customized tours and enjoy exploring the countryside while sharing my discoveries with others. I am an avid cyclist, swimmer and outdoor enthusiast who believes anything you do outside is always best. Hence, life in the Italian countryside suits me perfectly.